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SPA President Receives National Recognition!

Barbara McGrady of Fremont has received the 2005 Animal Kingdom Kindred Spirit Award from the Doris Day Animal Foundation for founding Society for the Protection of Animals, which under her leadership has promoted community spay/neuter programs aimed at reducing pet overpopulation and rescued, rehabilitated and rehomed hundreds of abused and abandoned dogs and cats.

The foundation honored McGrady with this national recognition because of her commitment to treating animals with kindness and for the example she has set for others.

"Society's indifference and cruelty toward animals causes many people to look the other way or give up in despair when they come across animals in distress," said Holly Hazard, the foundation's executive director. "Barbara McGrady deserves recognition for her courage and determination to do the kind thing for animals."

The foundation created the Animal Kingdom Kindred Spirit Award as a way of thanking individuals who have shown extraordinary compassion or kindness toward animals. The award consists of a letter of commendation from the foundation's executive director, a certificate of recognition and an Animal Champion pin.

The nonprofit Doris Day Animal Foundation was founded in 1998 by performer Doris Day. The foundation integrates animal protection into programs, products and services that assist children, families and communities. For information, visit

Image -  - McGrady with her dog, Morgan.

McGrady with her dog, Morgan.

Society for the Protection of Animals Inc. was formed by McGrady in 1999. You can visit the society at its big red doghouse at the Sandusky County Fair, where the group will promote one of its biggest fund-raisers of the year, the SPA Annual Dog Walk. For information, call 419-334-5521.

Originally published August 4, 2005

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