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Image -  - These two little shepherds were dumpled along a country road and were very frightened. A group of concerned neighbors called S.P.A. for help because they were worried about their safety. The pups were feral and unable to be touched.

These two little shepherds were dumpled along a country road and were very frightened. A group of concerned neighbors called S.P.A. for help because they were worried about their safety. The pups were feral and unable to be touched.

The two 12 week old pups who were dumped in a field... fending for themselves, on their own for a week are now safe and sound... cozy and warm, with full tummies! Thanks to all compassionate souls who participated in this rescue!

Lysa, who lives in Deshler, Ohio, called SPA to ask for our help in trapping two puppies who had been dumped in her neighbor's field. I told her that we would do what we could. As it turns out, the puppies had been fending for themselves for a week.

Yesterday, Saturday, I called Lysa to let her know that I was going to make time to come to her place and see what I could do to help her and her husband, Mike, and her neighbors, Gary and Deb, attempt to get a hold of these two precious pups.

Image -  -

SPA is in Fremont and is a little over an hour away from Deshler.

I don't know what made me think to call Dan and Lisa, proprietors of Tackle Box II Restaurant and Bar in Fremont, but I did.

I asked if they'd be interested in riding along with me. Dan suggested that Bar go along, too. Bar is their beautiful German Shepard female. Dan thought Bar might help round up the pups in the field. She is trained to follow all of Dan's orders and listens unbelievably well.

So we loaded up gloves, loop leashes, five double cheeseburgers (plain) and a cage and took off for Deshler in Dan and Lisa's 4-wheel Drive.

Dan and Lisa are big supporters of animal rescue, and allow us (SPA) to hold fundraisers at Tackle Box II (overlooking the scenic Sandusky River) several times a year.

Dan and Lisa are one a one-of-a-kind couple.

And as you will see, if it wasn't for Bar, Lisa and Dan, those two puppies would more than likely still be running around in that field, cold, wet and shivering.

When we arrived, Gary and Deb and their son Aaron (who live right across from the field where the puppies were dumped) and Lysa and her husband Mike (who live just down the road from Gary and Deb) were all standing in the road beside the field where a few days before they had placed a barrel filled with straw and food.

We quicklyintroduced ourselves to each other, and just as I turned to Dan and said, "Maybe we should wait to let Bar out of the truck..." Dan let Bar out of the truck.

He told Bar to, "Go round up those puppies, Bar! Hurry up Bar, you go round up those puppies!" Bar ran quickly into the middle of the field and began running in circles around the puppies. [b]"Oh my goodness! Their tails are wagging!" someone shouted out with glee! "Their tails haven't wagged once since we first spotted them!"

Image -  -

The pups ran after Bar and she came closer and closer to the road where we were standing.

Lisa (from Tackle Box II) walked slowly into the field with cheeseburgers and a loop leash. Please understand this was not a quick and easy process. The husbands walked out and circled around Bar and the pups. After several failed attempts to get a hold of one of the pups, Lisa and Gary were able to tackle the black puppy. He bit into the air and squealed as if he were being hurt badly, but he wasn't. He was freighted out of its wits.

Lisa held his head as Gary carried his body and they hurried back across the field to place the little black puppy into the cage that we had near the edge of the road.

Our hope was that the little white pup would be drawn toward his black sibling who was carrying on as if saying, "Please come and save me! I am so afraid without you next to me!"

Unfortunately, the little white puppy was too smart for his own britches. He took off across two neighboring fields. We all hopped in our trucks and tried to drive him back towards the other pup in the cage, but this little guy ran faster than you can imagine one way, into the center of a freshly plowed, dark-colored field way down the road.

The guys decided that they should move the cage into a fenced-in area that Gary and Deb have for their labs. Their idea was that eventually the white puppy (who was so far away by now that you needed binoculars to see him) would come to the cage to be with his black sister, and then they could quickly shut the fenced-in area's gate. It is a beautiful, secure set-up with a heated shed full of fresh straw.

Dan said we should leave and everyone should go away so the little white dog would come back. I stepped up into the back of Dan and Lisa's truck and had tears in my eyes as we prepared to drive back to Fremont.

Lysa (the one who originally called asking for SPA's help in capturing the pups and lives next to Gary and Deb) hugged me good-bye and said that she, too, was filled with worry about the little white pup. There are many fox and coyotes in Ohio, not to mention red-tailed hawks, cars flying down the county roads, and cold, rainy weather.

Part of me felt as if we should let the little black dog go... feeling terrible that we had separated them.

Dan was certain that the little white dog would come. "You just wait and see," he kept telling me. "That little white dog will be in that fenced in area by tonight, I guarantee you."

I called Lysa when we were about halfway back to Fremont and asked if the white pup had come any closer. Lysa said no, that he was still in the middle of the field. My heart sank.

Then, just ten minutes later, Lysa called my cell phone and was shouting,

"Barb! We got him! WE GOT HIM!"

I began screaming like a crazy woman (I know, it's a short trip) and threw my cell phone into Dan and Lisa's front seat where they were sitting. I kept crying out, "Oh my God! I can't talk! I can't believe it! I am so happy!!!"

Finally, when I regained my composure I was able to take the phone back and thank Lysa properly. I asked her to hug and thank her husband, Mike, and Gary, Deb and their wonderful son Aaron, who, by the way, is the one who shut the gate.

Here's exactly what happened when they "got" the white dog...

The little white dog all of a sudden got up from lying down in the middle of the plowed field and ran directly into the road.

He ran down the road at 120 miles and hour straight on to Gary and Deb's property, around their house into the back yard and into the fenced in area to hia black sister's cage.

Aaron, who was hiding nearby behind a propane tank, ran out quickly to slam the gate shut. He will be receiving a case of IAMS biscuits for his labs as well as 80 pounds of IAMS dog food. I told them that whoever shut the gate would win those items. Aaron was the winner!

Last night was cold and rainy here in Ohio. Where were these very special pups?

Lying all snuggled up in a heated shed nestled down in fresh straw.

The little black one will let them pet her a little bit, and is slowly warming up. But the little white boy is still very, very frightened, and tries to nip and growls when a hand comes near to him.

What jack ass could have done this to these pups? There are really horrible, unknowing people in this world whose very souls are void of compassion.

But yesterday afternoon reminded me that there are some mighty special people in this world. People who care. People who understand that it isn't right for two twelve week old puppies to be tossed out along a country road. People who actively try to alleviate as much suffering as they can, rather than look the other way because that's the easiest thing to do. I don't care if you're helping animals, people, or nature in general... but for God's sake, HELP SOMETHING instead of thinking of yourself!

Think what an amazing lesson in compassion this served to Aaron. He's lucky to have such wonderful, caring parents. Incidentally, their other son Mitch took the original INCREDIBLE photos of these two pups in the field. THANK YOU MITCH!

Drum roll... please...

Okay folks, here are the new photos. Snug as bugs in a rug. All nestled down in fresh straw awaiting their new lives.


WHITE BOY ON LEFT: "Rainer" (Germanic name that means Advisor / Wise One). BLACK AND TAN GIRL ON RIGHT: "Heidi" (Germanic name that means Honorable)

We will be driving them to meet folks from White Paw Shepherd Rescue located in Wisconsin soon. White Paws Shepherd Rescue is a wonderful organization who will keep them together until they become more socialized because for now, these two pups need each other. Once the pups are rehabbed, they will be placed in hand selected homes with very special families.

Huge thanks to all of you who have inquired and cared about these two spectacular puppies.

Image -  -

Big Bear Hugs AND MAJOR THANKS to Dan, Lisa and Bar, of Tackle Box II. Had they not agreed to come along, and had Bar not been there, I honestly do not think this rescue would have occurred. They easily could have looked the other way... but they didn't.

Image -  -

And major thanks to Lysa. Had she not cared about these pups who were dumped along a field near her and her husband Mike's home, they probably would have been dead by now.

And extra big thanks to Gary and Deb and their son's Aaron and Mitch for providing such a comfortable, safe warm place for the puppies until we drive them to Wisconsin.

When I woke up this morning, all of a sudden I remembered that the puppies were safe. That they were warm, and probably sleeping all curled up together. I began to cry tears of joy.

There is no feeling in the world comparable to this. Honestly, if someone offered me a million bucks for the experience of yesterday, I would refuse the money. I really would.

My heart is filled with the kind of joy that is priceless. Just look at their faces!

Today, Palm Sunday, is also known as "Passion Sunday." It is Springtime, now. Everything is beginning to awaken and come alive. Color is slowly returning to the grays and browns of winter. This transformation from Winter into Spring has always seemed so significant to me on a philosophical level.

No matter what your religion, political party or personal beliefs, one thing is for certain... this world needs huge doses of compassion. Thanks to all of those who stood in the chilling, cold wind out in that field yesterday... two castaway puppies are alive and well because of your efforts.

Now that's really something!


Woman Needs to Borrow Trap to Save these 2 Pups' Lives! She would also appreciate your suggestions and/or HELP! One of the pups has a strap around him/her. They are cold, wet and frightened!

A woman who lives in the Bowling Green / Findlay, Ohio area just contacted me to ask if I knew of anyone (in that area) who has a humane dog trap that she could borrow.

Someone dumped off two puppies in the country near her home and if the pound picks them up they will be euthanized, she said, because they are very frightened and growl a little when she goes near them.

They are staying in one spot, probably where they were dumped, as abandoned dogs often do, waiting for their humans to come back for them.

She feels strongly that they were abused and wants to trap and HELP THEM.

I talked with her at length and know that if she is able to get a hold of these puppies, she will indeed rehab them and give/find them a good home.

These two puppies will need responsible rescue once captured from muddy field!

Lysa and her neighbor took a barrel with straw into the field where the pups were dumped.

They keep coming closer, but not close enough to get a hold of. They are feeding them in the AM and PM.

The field was recently plowed and is very, very muddy, which makes walking through the field to the puppies difficult.

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