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Well, two weeks ago, she called in a frantic state. "Barbara! Is Terry anywhere near town?!" She inquired with real urgency in her voice. (Terry is my earth-angel husband!)

"Yes, he should be in town right now," I responded. "Why? What's the matter?"

"There's a beautiful little puppy across the street and the neighbors are shooing her away with a rake!?" she said.

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"She looks really nervous and upset, and is going back and forth as though she is panicked and doesn't know where to turn for help!" she continued. "Will you please call Terry and ask him to come right away and help this poor little puppy?"

Terry was only a few minutes away from mother's house. When he drove his truck into her driveway, mom was standing on her front porch holding onto the dogs collar.

"She came right over when I called her," mom said to Terry. She really wanted me to help her."

Honey smelled really bad.

It seems that this beautiful little dog wasn't very desirable from a skunk's perspective. She had been sprayed from head to toe and smelled like you know what!

Image -  - Could this sweet heart be the little girl you've been looking for?

Could this sweet heart be the little girl you've been looking for?

Terry and I took her to one of our vacant apartments and bathed her with peroxide, baking soda and Dawn dish soap.

My mother called our cell phones and it was obvious she was worried about this dog.

"What are you going to do with her?" my mom inquired. "She looked so frightened, Barbara, and didn't know which way to turn for help. You should have seen her..."

I've been doing rescue for the past eleven years and this is the first time I worked together with my mom to rescue an animal in need.

"Congratulations!" I said laughing to my mom. "You've just rescued your first dog!"

She said she couldn't just ignore the poor thing. It was obvious that she needed help.

She then surprised me by saying that her dad use to call her Honey when she was a little girl, and that she wished we'd name this beautiful little Husky girl Honey. I agreed, Honey would be a perfect name for this beautiful little dog.

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Terry and I took her to our vet's office to be boarded while we advertised her in the FOUND ADS in our local paper. We also notified the dog pound. Surely someone had to be missing this cutie pie.

After more than a week went by we decided to have her spayed. She had received her shots when she first arrived at the clinic.

Dale and Char, SPA members, took Honey home for the weekend to access her behavior around other animals and children (see below). This proved to be very helpful. (Thanks to Abbie for taking such awesome photos of Honey, too!)

Honey is about 1 - 2 years old but she looks just like a puppy, weighing only 34 pounds.

Her ears stand erect but are more orb-shaped,

not thin and tall like a shepherds.

Char wrote the following assessment of Honey's behavior:

Honey is great with people.

She was fine with the kids here, too. She loves to play and is very, very active. She'd probably be a great agility dog.

Honey seemed to like to play more with our foster dog, Belle (a boxer mix), than playing with us. She really enjoyed running around with Belle in our fenced in yard! She almost looked as if she were smiling. So if someone is looking for a companion for their dog, as long as it is a larger dog, she'd be the perfect candidate.

She will pick up a toy and throw it around, but wasn't too interested in playing fetch, but I'm sure she would catch on quickly.

She doesn't do well with cats and small animals/dogs . She seemed totally focused on them, like they are the only thing in the area, and didn't listen to us when she focused in on them.

She chased them until she could pin them to the ground and then tried to roll them onto their back, so I wouldn't recommend cats or smaller dogs.

She needs to be worked with on training. She comes sometimes when you call her (when she isn't preoccupied with something else), and will sit most times if you hold your hand out flat to show her the sit position (for some reason, she may have been taught to sit this way).

I'm not positive but she seems to possibly be housebroken. She had no accidents in the house, and when I asked if she wanted out she would go to the door.

She seems very intelligent.

One thing we were wondering about is if she hears properly. We called her when she was sleeping and she didn't respond at all until Dale raised his voice a bit. She did hear him then so she may have possibly been in a deep sleep.

If you are interested in adopting this precious little lady, please fill out an online application by clicking ADOPT & FOSTER in the pink bar above.

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