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Society for the Protection of Animals, Inc. (S.P.A.) formed eighteen years ago, in 1998.

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A variety of experts were contacted to provide Sandusky County Commissioners with testimony affirming that use of this method to destroy dogs was not only inhumane but also a potential silent hazard to the staff.

S.P.A. tenaciously lobbied Sandusky County commissioners and citizens for its removal, and on October 17th, 2006, then warden Fred Harris photographed the disassembly of the inhumane death machine and emailed the photos to S.P.A.

The Association of Shelter Veterinarians stated: “The use of carbon monoxide for individual or mass companion animal euthanasia in shelters is unacceptable due to significant humane, operational and safety concerns.”

S.P.A. assembled and shared data collected with commissioners revealing clear evidence that gassing was (and remains) far less humane as well as more expensive than lethal injection.

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