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S.P.A. continues to work non-stop, offering immediate medical care and shelter for the responsible rescue and rehab of hundreds of homeless companion animals.

With your help, weve been able to save the lives of many cats and dogs who would have otherwise continued to suffer and/or perished.

S.P.A.s medical (veterinary) expenses alone for rescued cats and dogs in 2013 exceeded $24,000! These veterinary charges included: spay/neuter, inoculations and treatment for specific medical conditions, such as parvo, upper-respiratory infections, broken bones and medicine necessary to help these often abused and neglected animals get back on their feet.

S.P.A. often helps animals who have been turned away by individuals and other rescue organizations when push came to shove. Most of the animals we rescue are standing alone on a dead-end path. Your generous contributions enable us to bring the light of hope, love, health and happiness to cats and dogs who otherwise dont stand a chance.

S.P.A. is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization supported by contributions from people like you. We have been providing life-saving services to companion animals since 1999.

Your donation will help us continue to find good homes for abandoned, stray, and abused companion animals as well as help us continue our aggressive spay/neuter program. Thank you for your continued support!

Until all castaway animals find loving forever-homes,

Barbara McGrady

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