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Nellie was rescued by a group of caring people 1 1/2 years ago, in June of 2014.

The original story of Nellie's rescue follows Nellie Update.


Two weeks ago I received an SPA Adoption Application from a couple who saw Nellie's bio on

Image -  -

David and Natalie, who live in Carmel, Indiana, said Nellie looks quite similar to a dearly loved cat they lost in November of this year.

Natalie also mentioned that she had called a heart cat of the past Nellie years ago.

I have always been interested in this special "thing"... this magic that occurs when people FALL IN LOVE with a picture of a cat or dog they see and read about on

Sometimes it is the description or a particular animal's personality.

Sometimes it is the name.

Sometimes it is the color or the look in their eyes. I can't count the number of times people have said, "There was just something special in the look in their eye..." when we ask why they were drawn to a particular SPA rescued cat or dog.

Image -  - Sometimes... it's that special look shining out from their eyes.

Sometimes... it's that special look shining out from their eyes.

The eyes of every living being are pretty darned powerful. There's often magic stuff there.

Last Sunday, on December 27th, Terry and Lynne drove Nellie (a 4 hour drive each way) to Carmel, Indiana to meet her new forever family.

I had conversed with David several times via phone/email, asking usual pre-adoption questions.

I then called their veterinarian to ensure that their other 3 cats were well-cared for, and they were. Their vet offered a glowing review.

SPA thinks a four hour drive is time well-spent when the result is a forever connection with a responsible family.

Image -  - Nellie LOVES her new home with Natalie and David! She will soon meet the resident cats. How exciting for Nellie!

Nellie LOVES her new home with Natalie and David! She will soon meet the resident cats. How exciting for Nellie!

Nellie's new humans sent these photos just this morning. They already love her.

Image -  -

"My new home is like a palace!"

Homes like this are worth the wait.

Image -  -

"And I lived happily ever after... thanks to the village that saved my life!"



A heart-warming day-by-day account of their rescue.

Wednesday, June 4th

Image -  -

"But where are my kittens?"

S.P.A. received a call from a concerned employee of a local factory. The caller explained that a stray cat had taken up residence under a company trailer. As would be expected, animals are not allowed on the company's premises, so there was talk of trapping the cat and releasing it at a barn in the country.

Three of the employees, who were very concerned about this cat, pooled their money together to pay for her spay, and another employee agreed to take her home to join a feral cat colony she cares for.

Lynne, the caller, wanted information on S.P.A.'s Low Cost Spay & Neuter, because employees had set up a live trap and, she said, they learned quickly that this stray cat was one great-big bundle of sweetness, not feral, as they first imagined.

Image -  -

"I am no longer suffering."

After hearing the story, I became concerned, too, and immediately created and sent out an action alert in search of someone who might want to adopt this friendly, female cat.

Within minutes, two kind-hearted individuals responded offering to help with medical expenses as long as S.P.A. agreed to take her under our wing, fostering her until we could find responsible placement. "If two people are willing to donate, hopefully a few others will donate towards her medical expenses, too," I shared with Lynne.

Lynne, who headed up this cat's rescue, offered to foster her while S.P.A. worked on finding a forever home.

"What is her name?" I asked.

"Nellie is what comes to me," Lynne said. This was only the beginning of Nellie's rescue story. The rest of the story is unbelievable... but true.

"I am a bit worried about her breasts. They are hard and one has a bit of milk coming out of it," Lynne said.

We began to wonder, was Nellie be pregnant?

Saturday, June 7th

Nellie was taken to Westview Veterinary Hospital on Saturday. Upon examination, Dr. Chorba thought that two or three of her breasts seemed active, but no babies could be felt inside Nellie's womb.

Image -  - Her breasts were producing milk.

Her breasts were producing milk.

At times like this we all wonder and worry about the same thing (even though no one likes to think about it)... Were kittens left behind under the trailer, inside the skirting where the tires were stored?

I woke up that night and each subsequent night vividly imagining kittens crying out for their mother, hungry and cold. I soon learned that I wasn't the only one who was worried.

Sunday night passed, then Monday. I kept trying to convince myself that if there were kittens, they were no longer suffering. I knew kittens couldn't be away from their nursing mother for more than five days. Rescuing the mother was the right thing to do, but thoughts of abandoned kittens continued to haunt everyone concerned, and by now the 'group' of concerned individuals was growing.

Monday, June 9th

Lynne said that she and several other employees had been thinking exactly the same thing and worried. They had been checking daily for kittens who might have possibly been left behind. They listened for kittens crying out for their mother but heard nothing.

Wednesday, June 11th

Image -  - Finally...  the boys are reuinited with their mamma!

Finally... the boys are reuinited with their mamma!

I came back to the house after letting the dogs out and noticed there was a message on my answering machine. Keep in mind that seven days had passed from the day Nellie was captured.

"I know you aren't going to believe this," Lynne said, "but there are two kittens! A security guard heard the kittens crying loudly when she was walking by the trailer last night. Security contacted another employee who then contacted yet another employee and before long a svelte young man suited up and crawled under the trailer, working his way in-between the tires in pursuit of the screaming, hungry kittens."

The little black and white kitten, who looks like his mama, seemed eager for the help, Lynne said, but the all black one scampered away, hiding in difficult-to-reach places. Finally, he was scooped up and placed in a box, next to his brother.

Image -  - Vader weighing in.

Vader weighing in.

I could not believe it. Seven days? Surviving an entire week without their mother? It didn't seem possible.

Lynne took an early lunch and drove the kittens home to reunite them with their mother. Everyone was eager to hear how the mother and kittens reacted to each other.

Image -  - Dr. Chorba of WESTVIEW examines Nellie.

Dr. Chorba of WESTVIEW examines Nellie.

The kittens appeared to be about three or four weeks old, but were thin. Thin... and hungry!

Nellie immediately grabbed the black and white kitten and began licking him from top to bottom and seemed to be thinking, "You certainly didn't take very good care of yourself, young man!" Lynne said with a laugh. They got right down to business, receiving a motherly bath while they nursed.

Image -  - So tiny from no food for 7 days

So tiny from no food for 7 days

Image -  - They have full tummies now!

They have full tummies now!

Thursday, June12th

A company supervisor heard about the kittens' rescue and let Lynne know he'd like to adopt at least one of them. She explained that he should fill out an online S.P.A. Adoption Application. We received his application and upon review learned that his wife and he treat their cats and dogs like part of their family. I called him and with little effort, convinced him to adopt both brothers. They already had names picked out... Stache and Vader.

Friday, June 13th

Lynne took Nellie and the boys for a checkup with Dr. Chorba at 5 o'clock. Dr. Chorba called me to let me know that after examining the kittens' mouths, she was pretty sure they were seven to eight weeks old because they had all of their baby teeth.

"But that seems impossible," I replied. They look more like three to four weeks old.

Here's a comparison of Vader and brother Stache with a dollar bill.

Stache weighs .71 pound and Vader .85 pound.

Both weigh less than a pound!

They should weigh 2 pounds each at eight weeks.

They are the size of 3 - 4 week old kittens and they are 8 weeks old. Munchkins!

Nellie and the boys were wormed and she was tested for feline leukemia and FIV. Results were negative!

S.P.A. greatly appreciates that this caring group of people worked together to do what was right, rather than what was easiest.

Sometimes, it does indeed take a village.

Everyone's efforts paid off, despite all odds!

S.P.A. is a 501(c)3 organization. You're donations are tax deductible.



If you care to donate towards Nellie and her kitten's care, you can do so securely online by clicking on DONATE above.

Or by mailing donation to:


P.O. Box 1047

Fremont, OH 43420.

You can also phone in a donation directly to Nellie's Account at: WESTVIEW VETERINARY HOSPITAL 419-332-5871.

Without your support we will not be able to continue to help them, suffering animals in need.

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