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Thanks to help received from: Fremont City Police and Fremont Animal Hospital and All Those who Support S.P.A.'s Rescue Efforts S.P.A. has been able to save another worthy life.

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Sardis's (now Berkley's) life has turned around in such a... short time.

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There he was, lying on the edge of the road with foam coming out of his mouth and gravel stuck to the saliva. He couldn't walk and was unresponsive.

Thankfully, the attending Fremont Police officers called S.P.A. for our help at 2 am. We remain very impressed with Fremont Police Department's compassion. Two officers showed up at the vet's office in their cruisers after they helped Terry load Sardis into our van.

And Fremont Animal Hospital took such good care of him. They turned him around medically in short order with the medical attention he received there.

S.P.A. quickly received over 20 applications for Sardis when his story was placed on and an S.P.A. Action Alert email was sent out.

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We carefully reviewed each and every app received. Several of the applicants said we were asking too many questions. They said they love their pets even though they: didn't remember the name of their veterinarian, rented and didn't include landlord's contact info, didn't want to send photos of their fenced in-yards (after indicating that they have large yards that their dogs run and play in), didn't want us to deliver Sardis, and insisted they pick him up......

And then we received Kathy's application. Her veterinarian's office gave her a glowing recommendation regarding care of her pets. Her backyard is an acre of land that is securely fenced. She is home most of the time, her profession is photography. Her specialty is pet photography and commercial photography. Kathy's roommate is an author who is living with her until he completes his book. He, too, is home most of the time.

All it took was a little compassion, time and money.

We did receive a couple really good applications after Kathy's.

I placed their contact info in in 'S.P.A.'s Approved for Adoption' file.

I wanted to share this 'happily-ever-after' moment with you. Scroll down for Kathy's update.

Hi S.P.A.,

Sardis is doing great. Hasn't tried to dig. He really doesn't run much. He just trots about. No accidents so far and I am not even crating him. I've had him in the car a couple times. He tries to get up front, but I block him and he just lays down. It is strange though, because he doesn't jump into the car. I have to lift him. I do have a low hatchback car, so it isn't very high. Will need to work on that. I also had some friend over last night and he was a big hit. Very well behaved. He and Lexi kind of ignore each other, but yesterday they played for the first time. He's a keeper!

Thanks so much.


I decided to rename him Berkeley. Peace, love and all ; )


"We must become the change we want to see in the world."


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