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Thanks S.P.A. We Love Our S.P.A. Rescued Dogs, Sally and Brie!

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We saw Sally in an S.P.A. online e-mail ten years ago and adopted her when we lived in Perrysburg, Ohio. Sally has turned out to be the best dog we’ve ever had. She is mostly border collie and part chow. My wife and I eventually moved to a suburb of Chicago.

And then on a recent visit to Fremont, I met Brie, a beautiful pit-bull mix. I decided to foster her while I was there.

Brie turned out to be such a great companion during my visit that I decided to bring her back to Chicago with me to see if Sally and she would get along.

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We followed all recommendations for introduction as provided by S.P.A. and within a few days they were off the leash, together, and have been buddies ever since. They sleep next to each other and really enjoy each others’ company.

Brie and Sally have been amazing additions to our lives and we love them both very much.

~ John Clulow and Carol Green

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