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I called to it and it hesitated for a few moments to look at me. At one point I thought it seemed like it wanted to come but was afraid of my bike. So I kept riding.

I rode about 3/4 of a mile towards home, turning right on CR 100.

Rode about another 3/4 of a mile north when I realized... I had to go back to try to find that dog. A voice inside was shouting that I must go back.

So... I called Terry and asked him to pick me (and my bike) up in the truck and asked him to bring a loop leash and food.

He asked, "Do you HAVE the dog?" I said no, that I wanted to go back to search for the dog I saw in a field,

When he arrived we lifted my bike up onto the truck's bed and secured it with rope and off we went.

Terry felt relieved I had hesitated as long as I did. I mean... the dog would be gone by now... right?

I explained to Terry the area in which I saw the dog and he said that was weird... because he saw two dogs in that spot the morning of the thick fog three days before.

So... as we approached the spot that I had seen the dog about a half hour earlier Terry said out loud, "No way!"

There the brindle dog was... sitting right in the middle of the road... facing us. Waiting. Seems unbelievable, right? That's what we thought, too.

I quickly grabbed the loop leash and food and jumped out of the truck.

The dog crawled flat against the road trembling.

I tossed food towards its mouth and it continued crawling right past the food to my feet, cowering.

I looped the leash over its head and it continued cowering while now pulling me towards my open truck door and immediately jumped right in.

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"She" pressed her head into the crook of my neck and began to whimper while licking our faces, our hands, our shirts... she was so happy that we had FINALLY returned to save her.

Definitely one of those extra-special kismet moments.

She let out one of those long sighs as she went to sleep in my arms on our way to Westview Veterinary Hospital.

It was Sunday evening so the clinic was closed, but Dr. Zimmerman made a special trip in. He gave her a bowl of food and water in her kennel with a nice soft blanket.

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So "it" has happened, once again. This experience of a 'deliberate' rescue.

Pi has now received all first vaccines, tested for heartworm (negative) and will receive S.P.A.'s complete medical care package at Westview Veterinary Hospital.

We notified the pound Monday, and placed a Found ad in the local paper, and no one has claimed this sweet as molasses little lab mix who is now knows as "Pi".

It looks as if she might be pregnant, so they'll check with an ultra sound to see.

Her teeth are very white and sharp, indicating she is under a year old.

Pi will soon be available for adoption. If you are interested in making Pi part of your family, please fill out an online adoption application by clicking ADOPT & FOSTER in pink bar at the top. Please consider helping S.P.A. with Pi's veterinary expenses! Our bill at Westview is ever-growing. S.P.A. will continue to save the lives of animals in need, like Pi, as long as we continue to receive your donations... (which are tax deductible) so we can pay medical bills.


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You can also donate by calling:



Explain you would like to donate towards Pi's boarding and medical expenses.

Thank you for helping S.P.A. help them!

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