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RYLAN THE GREAT is Available for Adoption!

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S.P.A. is paying to board Rylan at Westview Veterinary Hospital. This is a very nice boarding facility, where they pay extra attention to all dogs in boarding, even S.P.A. rescued dogs.

There is a large middle room near the waiting room where dogs have free time to run around, play, and watch the "goings on" of clients coming in and out, all day.

And... there is Hillary, the extra special kennel girl, whose heart is entirely committed to her work there.

We are hoping to find a responsible, loving forever home for Rylan as soon as we can.

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FIRST and foremost, because that's what is best for Rylan.

And SECONDLY, you get what you pay for at Westview. Boarding isn't exactly cheap.

It's not Rylan's fault that we don't have space in foster care. And S.P.A. believes that warehouseing rescues only compounds problems.

I just spoke with Hillary for an update on how Rylan is doing.

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Here's what Hillary, the very special kennel girl, said:

"I would describe Rylan as a very happy dog. A very nice and loving dog. A very intelligent dog. He listens well, and is eager to please. He loves playing in the middle room, and is observant. He gets along with other dogs his size, and he has not had one accident in his kennel. I just love this boy!" ~Hillary

Rylan's original owner surrendered him because he was protective of her, and didn't like her husband.

S.P.A. could have said, "Sorry, we don't have room in foster care," but we didn't say that. There was something about Rylan's story that reached out to us.

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If you are interested in helping us help Rylan, Please call

Westview Veterinary Hospital and make a donation towards his boarding expenses.

WESTVIEW VETERINARY HOSPITAL (419) 332-5871 or you can make a secure donation online by clicking DONATE in the pink bar at the top.

If you are interested in adopting Rylan, or know someone who is, please fill out an S.P.A. Adoption Application by clicking ADOPT & FOSTER in pink bar at top of page.


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