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Who is this guy?

Robert complained about almost everything to anyone who would listen. He did so in a teasing sort of way, but most people thought he was serious.

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After a couple unhappy relationships, he began showing a gruff and grumble exterior, and he only allowed a chosen few to know the oh-so-gentle fellow, inside.

I was lucky enough to be one of those chosen few.

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He adopted a Siamese mix, adult cat from us (S.P.A.) in 2001 knowing that this cat, Buddy, had tested positive for feline leukemia. He took such good care of Buddy.

2001 - Buddy and Bob's Initial Introduction.

S.P.A. doesn't euthanize a cat when they test positive for feline leukemia or FIV. They almost always have several more years of good life in them.

We don't feel qualified to decide that their life should be taken.

Buddy had good life left in him, that's for sure. And Bob brought the best out in him.

The love they gave to each other is immeasurable.

In fact, Buddy had a personality exactly like Bob's and no one will ever convince me that Buddy and Bob weren't destined to be. Buddy became Bob's world.

Buddy passed away in 2006.

In January 2007, Bob rescued an adult cat from the local humane society. He named her Missy.

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Missy is a 10 year old female, very friendly lap cat with silver, medium length hair and beautiful green eyes.

And then again in December he adopted a mother cat and her two kittens from the same humane society:

A Torti mother cat named Baby, and her two kittens, Bandit, a long-haired calico and Angel, a lush, all black female.

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Baby, the mother cat, is now about 7 - 8 years old. She's very timid, and would only allow Bob to touch her.

Bandit, one of Baby's kittens, is absolutely stunning. Baby's two female kittens are now 6 years old. She, too, is very shy with everyone other than Bob.

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Baby's other baby, Angel, has dense lush fur.

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They are all on the large size. Very well-cared-for and fed. Angel, too, is quite shy.

Bob took 'his girls' in to see the vet when they weren't eating as much as he thought they should be, or when one of them seemed a little stuffy.

We looked over Bob's cats' records and one thing soon became obvious... they had not been tested for feline leukemia / fiv.

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The shy ones piled on top of Missy for protection.

I saw Bob from time to time, when he attended S.P.A. fundraisers and around town, here and there.

One thing he always made a point to say to me was,

"Barb, I have bladder cancer, and I may not outlive my cats. Please, I want you to PROMISE that if I die

you will see to it that my cats are well cared for. You are the only one I trust will make sure that happens."

I promised him that we would.

Robert Dean Walters passed on June 13th. Terry and I attended his service. It was small but mighty poignant.

Most everyone in attendance were one of the "chosen few" mentioned above.

Robert was a mighty special man. So we kept our promise.

We took all four to their vet's office and Missy, Baby, and Bandit all tested positive for Feline Leukemia.

They were all updated on their vaccines and treated with Revolution.

Angel, who has lived with the others from kittenhood on, tested negative.

The three who tested positive all look very healthy and are certainly not underweight. They are stunningly beautiful.

We are attempting to find homes for Missy, Baby, Angel and Bandit.

Homes where they can live with other feline leukemia cats.

Homes where they will be given lots of love and provided proper medical care, when needed. And of course, kept inside only.

For more information on Feline Leukemia:

Can you please consider providing a loving home for one (or more) of Bob's cats? If you are interested, please fill out an Adoption Application by clicking on ADOPT & FOSTER in pink bar at top.

Or, will you please consider donating to BOB WALTER'S CATS' FUND? YOUR DONATIONS ARE TAX DEDUCTIBLE. You can donate securely online by clicking DONATE in the pink bar at the top.

BUT WAIT... there's more to Bob Walter's Story:

For the past couple of years, Bob had been feeding

two outside cats That he called Red and Camie.

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The trailer park management recently sent Bob a letter telling him he must cease and desist feeding these cats.

A neighbor who lives in a nearby trailer said Bob really loved those two cats and that he'd want us to help them as well.

So we trapped Red and he was just neutered, given a dose of Revolution, first shots, and tested.

He never came in contact with Bob's inside cats.

Thankfully Red has tested Feline Leukemia / FIV NEGATIVE!

Red is very frightened. Not exactly feral, but very, very frightened.

This is Red. He is being boarded at the vet's office.

I just took this photo.

Image -  -

For those who don't like the illustration mode on my camera. Here's a regular photo of Red.

We haven't trapped Camie yet. But she is being fed by kind hearted neighbors twice daily, until we can gather her under our wing.

If you are a patient, kindhearted person willing to adopt this special boy, please fill out an Adoption Application by clicking on ADOPT & FOSTER in the pink bar at the top of this page.

On a wing with a prayer, please consider helping one of Bob's much loved cats.

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