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White Cat Abandonded at Bike Trail

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Dear SPA/Barb McGrady,

I'm writing you begging for help.

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For the last week, I've seen this all white cat hanging around the bike trail entrance at the Fremont Rec Center.

It was out again this morning, so I went home and got some food for it. To my surprise the cat came running up to me when I called it and acted friendly Immediately after eating the food he rolled over and gave me his belly to rub. Clearly this cat was dumped off by someone and that worries me- what about animals and cruel people who might do unspeakable things to this poor baby?

Barb, I'm asking you for a miracle- but can I take this little guy- I've been calling him Blanco- to Fremont Animal Hospital for neutering and shots? Do you think you might be able to help with expenses and find a place where he can be safe?

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Living in a high traffic area with no real shelter is not the answer for him. This all white fellow has a sweet disposition and I'm scared he's going to be an easy target for wild animals or evil people. I would gladly take him but I already have so many and I'm moving out of town very soon, so there is no way I can.

I've sent you some pictures from this morning of him. You can tell how sweet he is!

Please let me know what I should do. I know you have a network of miracle workers, I have read your stories of rescue in the past, always astonished that a few of you work so hard, together, to save one life at a time. Sincerely, Stacie


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So...... S.P.A. said yes, with hopes that we'd receive the donations necessary to pay for his veterinary expenses.

Stacie kept him in her garage over the weekend and took him to Fremont Animal Hospital today.

I just received that horrible call from the vet's that no rescue ever wants to receive...

Although appearing very healthy and happy, Blanco is positive for Feline Leukemia. I am sitting here in tears wondering what we will do now. They can't board him at the vet's, but will temproarily put him in isolation, they said.

S.P.A. realizes that Feline Leukemia cats can live long, happy lives, so it is not our policy to euthanize a cat when they test positive.

A miracle Stacie? Yes... now it truly will be a miracle. But I am one to act on faith.

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I told them to proceed with our "FULL PACKAGE" medical care for Blanco: deworming, flea preventative, vaccines, and neuter.

Is there ANYONE out there who perhaps has one or two other feline leukemia positive cats who would be willing to accept this lovely boy into your clowder? PLEASE be this fellows miracle.

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If you can't adopt of foster Blanco, could you please help us with his medical expenses?

You can do so via Paypal by clicking, DONATE in the pink bar at the top of this page.

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Or, you can call FREMONT ANIMAL HOSPITAL directly: 419-332-2659 and tell them you'd like to donate to: S.P.A.'s BLANCO FUND.

We've had a overload of rescue expenses lately and cannot continue rescuing animals in need, like Blanco, without your support. NO DONATION IS TOO SMALL, and all donations are TAX DEDUCTIBLE!!!

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IF YOU ARE ABLE TO FOSTER BLANCO, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE fill out a foster application by clicking ADOPT & FOSTER in pink bar at top of this page. Surely SOMEONE out there can become Blanco's miracle home! Heart felt thanks for any and all help!

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